EIS Waste working with Aberdeen City Council Community Engagement Officer on School and Community Projects

EIS Waste Services Ltd are delighted to be working alongside Aberdeen City Council Community Engagement Officer to supply recycled materials to Schools and Community projects throughout the city.

The Community officer had the following to say about his visit to our facility “Myself and Bob visited EIS Recycling this morning as we wanted to review the materials on offer for Bob’s Food Growing Initiative For Schools.

I was there also to review for the purposes of wider community growing and other activities.

Many thanks to the Operations Director, Colin, for not only being so generous in what EIS can offer (including guided tours for schools!) but the very interesting tour around the site.

While Bob has secured the materials he requires, my approach is a longer term one where I will be the main contact for interested community representatives; rather than have Colin inundated with multiple requests from multiple e mails, I will co-ordinate and facilitate.

If you are interested in any of these materials please contact me with your e mail address through the Facebook Page”

See the link below to find out about their visit to our Recycling Centre and how to get in touch to see if we can help you with any of your projects.