Hazardous Waste


Hazardous waste is collected and sorted at our facility. All kinds of hazardous waste are collected such as and all types are separated into designated storage bays specific to its Hazard class after being inspected to ensure compliance to await further treatment..

Any non-conforming waste is instantly transferred into our Quarantine area for further inspection and investigation – all non conformances will be reported to the respective client.
Hazardous Waste suitable for our storage facility include:

  • Oily Contaminated Solids
  • Acids
  • Alkaline solutions
  • Industrial solvents
  • Oils
  • Coolants / Glycols
  • Oxidisers
  • Flammable liquids / Solids
  • Gases
  • Aerosol cans
  • Laboratory chemicals
  • Fluorescent tubing
  • Paints
  • WEEE
  • Clinical Wastes

We also have separate areas for items such as lead, alkaline and lithium batteries as well as clinical/infectious waste.
Our multi-functional facility also hosts plastic and metal drum crushing, fluorescent tube and oil filter crushing, and a dedicated tank cleaning and wash bay area.

We always ensure the safety of our staff with having operating safety areas, safety showers, first aid facilities, eye wash stations, spill kits along with A, B, C and D class fire extinguishers to ensure safety at all times.

Another part of our business is the movement of hazardous wastes from both onshore and offshore facilities to our hazardous waste treatment and transfer facility. Delivering this service with minimum disruption to your organisation and providing an assortment of secure container or drum hire to suit these purposes, equipped with the appropriate labelling.


EIS Waste Services is a trading name of EIS Waste Services Ltd – Registered in Scotland SC254990

Registered Office Gallowhill Recycling Centre, Checkbar Nigg, Aberdeen AB12 4LP