EIS Waste Services FC18AFC Mercedes Econic, SV18LBZ MAN RORO, E15SKP Mercedes Benz Skip and 888NS Ford Fiesta Sport lined up for our visit today to Kittybrewster Primary School for the P2 pupils from Miss Walker and Miss Leslie’s class who are currently in the middle of a class project on transport to see some Lorries and Vans.

The children sat in the cabs and were shown how the lights and horns are operated along with the cycle safety systems EIS Waste Services have fitted to our trucks, which allowed us to show the dangers of going up the inside of a HGV whilst cycling.

They were also given demonstrations of how the bin lorry tips waste into the truck and also how the skip lorry would load and unload a skip from the vehicle.

Well done also to our star pupil for the day who won herself a Lego Model of our biggest truck for being so polite and asking questions during our visit.

If you would like us to help your school project if we can, please contact raymond@eiswaste.co.uk to check our availability  

Visit to Kittybrewster Primary School