EIS Waste’s very own Raymond Henderson will be running the Baker Hughes Aberdeen 10K this coming Sunday 15th May as Angus the Bull (Aberdeen Football Clubs Mascot – see pic) in aid of the Aberdeen FC Community Trust for which he volunteers. So far, he has received £645, which is amazing but there is still time to raise more for what is a great charity helping lots of Children and Adults in a varied set of initiatives which you can read about below.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could support him by kindly give a small donation, however much as every little helps to his run on Sunday – you can do this by clicking on the following link:


As an important participant in Scotland’s ‘national sport’ Aberdeen Football Club recognises its high profile and influential position nationally, and especially within Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland. Community activities have been historically delivered by a department based within the club.

In March 2014, Aberdeen FC Community Trust (AFCCT) was established as the official partner charity of AFC, “To provide support and opportunity to change lives for the better”.

AFCCT is as registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), Scottish Charity No. SC044720.

Since its introduction AFCCT has significantly increased football participation programmes in the area. AFCCT cater for girls and boys (aged 3 upwards), people living with disability, and individuals from ethnic and religious minorities. AFCCT utilise their Scottish FA Football Development Officers to enhance local grassroots football, and now facilitate all Primary School Football League activity in Aberdeen, and in areas of Aberdeenshire.

A significant focus of the work undertaken by AFCCT has been to develop and increase wider community engagement well beyond ‘just’ football. This work is done in close partnership with other like-minded groups and organisations. Involving participants of all ages, some aged 100+, AFCCT has programmes addressing dementia, inactivity, obesity, social exclusion, social deprivation, and more.

AFCCT works in partnership with the North East local authorities, NHS (Grampian), Sport Aberdeen, Police Scotland and Aberdeen Sports Village, as well as many other private businesses and local charities.

AFCCT maintains a close and mutually supportive relationship with Aberdeen Football Club, and operates under the direction of its own AFCCT Board of Trustees, with entirely separate governance and financial control. By operating as a registered charity, and by separating its business activities entirely from the football club, AFCCT is able to access funding and CSR sponsorship opportunities previously unavailable to AFC. This additional funding resource is targeted to benefit those ‘in need’ within primarily North East of Scotland communities.

Community initiatives are developed in conjunction with relevant stakeholders, with every effort being made to align relevant strategies and resources. AFCCT creates a demand-led range of community initiatives in a spirit of equal partnership, with all activities being as inclusive as possible.

Aberdeen FC Community Trust’s registered charitable purposes are undertaken within the following 5 strands of activity:

· Positive Activity – Initiatives which increase the number and variety of people actively involved in any sport or other constructive recreational activity.

· Health & Wellbeing – Activities which promote improved mental and physical health & fitness.

· Equality & Inclusion – Initiatives designed to address inequalities across communities, and to access and provide opportunities to those persons or groups who may be ‘excluded’ for whatever reason.

· Good Citizenship – Initiatives designed to provide interesting and varied diversionary activities, and those which increase positive behaviours and social responsibility.

· Learning – Initiatives which promote the value of lifelong learning and personal development via academic, vocational and experiential opportunities.

Aberdeen FC Community Trust works hard to harness the existing support and goodwill felt towards Aberdeen Football Club, and to utilise that positivity to empower communities and individuals locally, nationally and potentially internationally.

Aberdeen FC Community Trust – “Doing the right thing.”

May 2016 – Baker Hughes 10K Build Up