Post-Consumer Plastic

What is post-consumer plastic (and why is it so important)?

There are two types of recycled plastic: post-process and post-consumer. When people talk about recycled plastic they are referring to post-process plastic in the majority of cases.

Post-Process Recycled Plastic
This is plastic that has been collected at the plastic moulding factory and would normally be thrown away (off-cuts or rejects, for instance), but is instead re-used in the moulding process. Some mouldings unavoidably produce scrap and, in some cases, this occurs on a large scale. This type of recycling is relatively straightforward as there is a great deal of control over material type, consistency and almost zero contamination.

Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic
This is plastic that has been made into a product, used, thrown away, collected, cleaned, reprocessed and remade into something new. Products made from post-consumer plastic close the loop, diverting plastic products from landfill and instead allowing them to be recycled (in its truest sense) into something else.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to recycle post-consumer plastic; there are economic implications (collection, cleaning, sorting, re-processing, distribution etc) as well as physical issues such as irregularity in colour and grade, and contamination.


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