FEL Collections


The Front-End-Loader (FEL) Service is one of the most efficient collection services for larger volumes of light compactable general mixed waste and recyclables. This method empties the container on your site into the front of the vehicle, and immediately compacts the waste.

Containers have lockable lids to prevent wind scatter, vandalism and third party dumping and can easily be moved on site using a fork lift. These containers can be arranged on a service contract with an agreed schedule for emptying.

Front End Loaders allow us to empty and replace containers quickly and efficiently without the need to remove them from the site.

Contact us for more information or it you need help or advice on 01224 784100 or by email info@eiswaste.co.uk

Material separately collected include:
Compactable Industrial and Commercial Wastes
Recyclables (paper, cardboard, tins, plastic)
Soft Plastics i.e. Polythene, Shrink wrapFEL Collections

Main benefits:
Colour Coding allows easy segregation of waste and recycling
Flexible collection schedules to suit your requirements
Ad-Hoc Next Day Service for Extra Collections
Lockable to prevent y tipping and improve security
Forklift Pockets allows safe repositioning


REL Collections

The REL service provides a cost effective solution for medium to high volume producers of light, compactable, non-hazardous waste.

ideal for:
Light general waste
Paper and cardboard
Shrink wrap
Green waste
Wooden pallets

For more information or to get a Quote please contact us on 01224 784100 or email info@eiswaste.co.uk


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